SHINNSTON, W.Va. – It’s time to announce our first Honda Athlete — or in this case Athletes — of the Week for this school year.

Not only did these athletes find the end zone Friday night, but they delivered some big hits to get there.

Lincoln junior running backs Antwan Hilliard and Levi Moore each scored a pair of touchdowns on Friday night in the win over Braxton County.

“To start off the season like that, it’s like the checkpoints of a great season. If you start off the year good, you’re probably going to have a really good season,” Moore said.

But it was the big hits they delivered on the way to the end zone that makes them our Athletes of the Week.

“I knew I had to bounce it back out, and then I seen him standing there. I mean, I have to go through him. Nowhere else I can go. So I just lowered my shoulder and hit him,” Hilliard said.

“Obviously you can just feel the power. And then when you look back, he’s on the ground. You know then,” added Moore.

“It was crazy, they were all hyping me up. I still hear it in school. Even little kids in middle school were like, ‘Good hit last Friday.’ I was like thank you. It’s crazy,” Hilliard said about the reaction to his hit.

Hilliard also says that no one expects him to put a big hit on a defender like he did Friday night. The two hits certainly caught our attention, not that we were surprised.

Asked how many times he’s watched the play since Friday, Hilliard said. “Oh, too many. I had to put it in slow motion a couple times.”

But which hit was better?

ANTWAN HILLIARD: “I think mine had more energy behind it. His was like, ‘Alright, he just barrelled over that kid.’… I’d have to say mine.”

LEVI MOORE: “I say his. I don’t know, it just looks more, I don’t know, forceful I guess.”

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