CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Ritchie County’s Chloe Elliott is a two-time all-state pitcher, and a Seton Hill commit, and is this week’s Honda Athlete of the Week.

She’s a standout now, and has been for the entirety of her high school career, but she got her start simply by raising her hand.

“My first year of rec ball, the coach asked ‘Who wants to pitch?’ I just raised my hand, and from there on I started pitching,” Elliott said.

“Everyone thought I was going to kill someone because I threw so hard,” she added with a laugh. “They wouldn’t let me pitch because I was wild, I was crazy with the ball, but once I settled back down in 12U I was pitching a lot more.”

Elliott has worked her way from a kid with raw skill and ability, to being one of the top arms in the state. She’s registered well over 200 strikeouts this season, including nine in the Rebels’ opening-round win against Midland Trail on Tuesday.

“I just work on my pitches a lot over the winter, and everything. My curveball, it moves a lot. My changeup, especially, I work on that a lot,” Elliott said. “And my riseball is starting to develop more. My dropball, it’s starting to work, too. “

Elliott’s hard work has paid off. She’s helped lead the Rebels to the state tournament, and state title game, for the first time since 2015. She’s also helped make life easier on her freshman battery mate.

“No I don’t really, no,” freshman catcher, Jayci Gray said when asked if she has to move her glove much from the initial target. “There’s hardly any that go up, but, I’ll do my best to get them. And if not, they foul them off or stuff like that. Not a lot hit the ground or go past me.”

The senior pitcher consistently hits her target despite almost exclusively throwing pitches with a lot of movement.

That skill will bode well for Elliott in her collegiate career, as it has in another all-state caliber season this year with the runner-up Rebels.

This week’s Honda Ahtlete of the Week: Ritchie County’s Chloe Elliott.