ELLENBORO, W.Va. – Montana Fouts made College Softball history last month in the Women’s College World Series, when she pitched a perfect game against UCLA.

This week, Fouts, the All-American pitcher for the Alabama Crimson Tide, met with more than 50 pitchers per day at Ritchie County High School as part of a two-day softball camp.

“Even going over the basics of things, I’m still learning myself, being like, ‘Oh yeah, maybe that’s something that I’m doing wrong.’ Or, just because I said it, doesn’t mean I always know things,” said Fouts. “So, it’s just kind of reinforcing myself, too, because I’m trying to learn as much as I can. They teach me things just as much as I teach them. SO, I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

Fouts was born in Charleston and lived in West Virginia until she was ten years-old. She still calls the Mountain State one of her homes, as she’s also lived in Kentucky and in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

She returned to her West Virginia roots this week, which is why it means so much to her to give back to this state’s next generation of softball pitchers.

“Just anything to make the younger girls better, because people above me are making me better, too,” said Fouts. “So, it’s just nice to be able to pass that down and hopefully make the next generation a little bit better one pitch at a time.”

Fifty-four pitchers were present on Tuesday, and another 50-plus were on hand on Monday.

The message of the two-day camp” learning proper form, while having fun.

“It’s so competitive, and when you love it so much, you just keep doing it, you want to get better,” Fouts said. “So, just realizing that it’s supposed to be fun, and when you’re having fun you’re getting better at it. And it’s OK to struggle, because when you struggle you learn. So, I think that’s our biggest thing, especially when we’re learning some new things. I think that’s the biggest thing I can hopefully teach them.”

Camps like this are something that the junior pitcher wants to do more of in West Virginia. There are future camps in the work.

She’s done camps previously in Alabama and Kentucky.

Fouts took to TikTok on Monday to show the camp T-shirt that campers received the past two days.

Fouts was 27-4 with a 1.61 ERA and 349 strikeouts this season with Alabama, who made it to the Women’s College World Series.