MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – A Florida native and now Arizona resident, is on a journey to break the record for most college football games attended on a road trip, and West Virginia University’s Baylor game was on his list of stops.

The current record is held by two brothers that traveled together in 2016 and attended a total of 50 games.

Ben Chase is a 33-year-old George Washington University Law School graduate who decided to take on the journey to break this record. He got the idea when a few of his friends would send the “college football road-trip maps” to him, that they found on Reddit. Chase began with his first game in August and is wanting to break the record by attending around 70 football games.

As of Oct. 13, Chase has already had to stop for five oil changes and a tire fix, but he said that as long as his van, which is named “Betty White,” continues to help him get to the games, he is more than willing to finish out his goal.

“Every day I wake up and I’m scared and like, there’s this YouTuber that, he says like, ‘you need to start before you’re ready and punch fear in the face,’ and like, I was not ready, but I kind of just like went for it and like I hope that, you know, this story encourages people to like step outside of their comfort zone and go for it. And you never know, tell people what you want, and they’ll help you. Like that’s, you know, I told people like ‘yeah this is what I’m doing,’ and now it’s like, ‘this is what we are doing, we are doing this with you.'”

Since a lot of the games do not have scheduled start times at the beginning of the season, it makes it more difficult to plan, but Chase checks the football schedules every two weeks and tries to add in extra games as much as he can.

So far, Chase has mostly slept in his car over the past 40 days, but he was also graciously donated two hotel rooms, and has been lent six beds and six 6 couches to sleep on. If you are interested in helping ben Chase complete this record, you can reach him through Twitter or Instagram. He admitted that he is beyond grateful for the amounts of people who have helped him so far in his journey. Chase specifically mentioned the Marshall fans and how they have helped him with so much, and have become a special place in his heart.

Saturday, Oct. 8, Chase attended games #22, Utah at UCLA, and #23, Hawaii at SDSU. He then attended game #24, which was Louisiana at Marshall on Oct.12. The WVU and Baylor game will be his #25 game.

He is hoping to finish his journey in January.