FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Two-time Double-A girls basketball star, Marley Washenitz, announced her verbal commitment to the West Virginia University women’s basketball team via Twitter on Wednesday.

Washenitz was a third team player in her freshman year, and arrived as one of the top girls players in the state her sophomore season, averaging 24 points and 10 rebounds, along with six-plus assists and steals per contest for the Fairmont Senior Polar Bears.

Washenitz said she was looking for three components in her collegiate decision. She said committing now heading into her junior season at Fairmont Senior was the right choice for her.

“My top three priorities for the college that I was planning on going to were coaching, style of play and just feeling at home. You know, I didn’t wait because there is nothing for me to wait for. WVU fit all three criteria for me and it was just kind of the perfect college for me,” Washenitz said.

Washenitz was part of the Polar Bears’ 2019 state championship team, and helped lead Corey Hines’ group back to the state tournament in 2020.

Now, Washenitz is set to play under Mountaineers head coach Mike Carey. Washenitz said she likes his coaching style and it is a style she is used to.

Washenitz will be the second local player in recent years to play for Mike Carey. Morgantown’s Olivia Seggie played for WVU her freshman season.

“Mike Carey, we have a really good connection. He’s an honest kind of guy and that’s how I like my coaches. I like them to push me and tell me the truth on what I need to work on even if I don’t want to hear it. So he really hit that,” Washenitz said.

West Virginia was one of two Power-5 offers, along with Virginia Tech, that Washenitz had received prior to her announcement.

She also liked the Mountaineers style of play on both sides of the ball.

 “I take a lot of pride in my defense for my style of games just because I am an aggressive and competitive player. Which is something WVU does a lot is he [Carey] takes a lot of pride in defense and he kind of preaches on that as well as their offensive side. Their guard play is a lot of their offense,” Washenitz said.

Washenitz, born and raised in the mountain state, said playing for WVU is a great representation of the athletic talent in West Virginia.

“It means a lot just because there are a lot of other not only girls but boys who have dreams to play for WVU who are from the state but they feel like they’re not going to get there or this or that. It’s really a blessing just because I can show them to never give up and that you can achieve your goal no matter what.  And I think that’s a really big part of me being able to represent my state,” Washenitz said.

But before she heads off to play at the coliseum, Washenitz has two more years with the Polar Bears to further develop her skills.