BRIDGEPORT, W.Va – Bridgeport volleyball all-stater Alexa Martin is headed up I-79 to continue her career at Fairmont State.

Martin overcame a few hurdles on the way to this day, including a torn ACL and trying to play though the COVID-19 pandemic, but she feels like it’s made her realize just how much she loves the game of volleyball.

“I was doing therapy through a facetime video and my motivation was just so down that I’m pretty sure I just old people that I didn’t want to play anymore and then when I actually got back onto the court, I was like ‘this is my sport. I love playing on this 30-foot court with a net. This is my thing,'” she said.

Martin joins a Fighting Falcons program that is quickly on the rise under third year head coach Travis Hinkle.

Fairmont State plays in its first NCAA tournament in six years Friday night and she’s been drawn to the attitude Hinkle instills in his team.

“He doesn’t settle, and he has just as much of a competitive drive as I do so it’s nice going into a team where everybody wants to win. They’re not just there to play volleyball,” she said.

Martin earned second team all-state honors last season and all-tournament recognition at the 2022 Class AAA state tournament.