MORGANTOWN, W.Va – There was a long-awaited homecoming Friday night in Morgantown when University High graduate and Bill Evans award winner Kaden Metheny took the court at the WVU Coliseum as his Bowling Green team took on West Virginia in a charity exhibition.

That opportunity was a long time in the making and called on some pretty strong emotions for those closest to him.

“We just feel blessed to have an opportunity to be able to actually see Kaden play in the Coliseum,” his father Gregg said, “We grew up watching games together with family and had such great moments in there, and now we get the opportunity to have a moment with him.”

“It is exciting for him to just be playing in this building,” his mother Heidi added, “He’s got a lot of memories, and we’ve got a lot of memories in this building.”

Morgantown Native, Kaden Metheny (3) goes up against Emmitt Matthews Jr. (1) in charity exhibition game (PHOTO: Jamie Green/Gold and Blue Nation)

While tonight may have been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Kaden Metheny and so many family and friends, there have been people around him that have known he’s a special one for a very long time.

“Right away, there was just something different about him, just how much he cared about it. He had that unique ability to kind of make others better. Everything I put him in, he won. He was just different from the beginning. That’s when I knew he was different. I told him early on ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’ and knew it would take time, but he was different from the others from the start,” Nate Smith, Metheny’s trainer since the first grade, said.

While it may not have been a perfect night on the state sheet, Metheny impacted tonight’s game in a number of ways, finishing with three points, three assists, three rebounds and a steal in 31 minutes on the court.