MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WBOY) – The Morgantown Mohigans are ready to see the fruits of their labor.

Now entering the fourth year under head coach Sean Biser, the pieces are in place and the necessary experience is there for Morgantown to make a statement.

“We’ve been under his system, the culture he’s been building, the offensive system, the weight room,” senior quarterback Maddox Bowers said, “We know what coach Biser wants. I feel like we’re implementing that in the locker room, and I told us this is the most team we’ve been since I’ve been here.”

When it comes to that system, everything starts in the trenches where, despite needing to replace four starters, Biser has high expectations.

“It all starts up front, offensively and defensively, and I think the group we have right now is gelling. We don’t have a starting lineup or anything. We’ve been moving kids in and out so from what I’ve seen so far, we got the potential to have a pretty good line,” he said.

When Morgantown has the ball, a thunder and lightning approach with bruising ballcarriers like Caleb Nutter and speed demons like Bobby Powell and AJ Thomas allows the Mohigans to attack any weaknesses in the opposing defense.

“We’re more versatile because we can run, pound, pound, pound, but we can also get out there and trust our skills players to do what they need to do also,” Powell said.

The strength and athleticism across the board allows Morgantown to excel however the game requires.

“We’re really athletic. This is the most athletic I’ve been since I’ve been up here on varsity. I feel like we’re stronger than we ever have been, and I feel like we’re faster than we ever have been so the things you need to win football games, “Bigger, stronger faster,” I feel like we check all those boxes,” Bowers said.

On the other side of things, there’s one word that stands out for how the Mohigans want to play: physical.

“We just got to hit. We got to come every day, every second of our practices we got to hit. We got to be hard-nosed,” Nutter said, “The weight room comes into it too with our lifts, getting stronger for us to hit people.”

This class of seniors marks the first to complete all four years under Biser’s leadership and it’s abundantly clear that this team is bought in to what the head ball coach is telling them.

“This is the most complex I think our system’s been since coach Biser’s been here. We laid down the building blocks when most of us were freshmen and then the next year, we took another step. Last year we took another step and I think this year is we’re really going to see the benefits of the system coach Biser has put in pay off,” Bowers said.

Nutter doubled down on just what this staff brings to the table.

“Our coaches, they push us every single day to do great things,” he said, “We’re just forming relationships with each other, so we know we have each other’s back. We’re just solid right now.”

Morgantown opens the 2023 season on august 25 as South Charleston comes to visit Pony Lewis Field.