MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Mylan Park and Pro Performance teamed up to create multiple kids summer camps utilizing the state of the art facilities and competent staff members.

The camps include sport-specific, instructional camps and also pro-active kids camps to push activity and nutrition.

“There is such a big need in this community for summer camps. Especially in the summer time where parents need to drop off their kids somewhere when they’re not in school so the thought is let’s put everything together here, Pro Performance with their outstanding instructors and the services they provide and some of the venues we have here on the park side, let’s put it all together and offer summer camps for our community,” Jason Selznick, Director of Park Operations at Mylan Park said.

The facilities stand out when talking about the complex at Mylan Park.

In the works right now is a sports complex at the Hazel and J.W. Ruby Community Center at Mylan Park. The project will be completed by the time the camps start in June and include five basketball/ volleyball courts.

Pro Performance already has an impressive range of venues including the 50,000 square foot turf field arena and batting cages.

“Mylan Park has really done a great job of expanding their facilities. It’s a great partnership when we decided to do summer camps with bringing our sports  instructors down here to put together some really good sports camps,” Robert Dunlevy, Pro Performance General Manager said.  

Dunlevy and Selznick said there is a camp for everyone from sport-specific training to the new pro-active camp.

“We’re multi-faceted. We have a whole sports program and we have a great fitness staff so we actually wanted to add a pro-active camp where we more emphasize activity for kids and with that, just keeping them active, letting them know the importance of activity, importance of fitness and we also want to add just a little dab of nutrition and importance of eating healthy  and being fit,” Dunlevy said.   

The pro-active camp stresses the importance of fitness and nutrition while allowing the kids to enjoy their time.

“Fitness is extremely important to us. We have a great fitness staff, we have a lot of members. Really what we wanted to do this year is get kids who aren’t interested in sports and get them to understand fitness. So we really felt the need that we really want to reach this message to the kids so a lot of the kids who aren’t active in sports, that don’t play sports, we want to teach them  the importance of activity, the importance of fitness, the importance of nutrition,” Dunlevy said.

“The thought is to get everybody working out and active in the morning and by the afternoon calm down a little bit and do some more socializing activities and have fun and really have a full, 10-hour day of activities for the kids,” Selznick said.

The Mylan Park and Pro Performance camps start on June 6 and are going on for a full, 10-week period.

“It’s a good, safe location. With the fantastic instructors that Pro Performance has and our venues and our staff and with all of the options all in one location is important and I think it’s going to work well,” Selznick said.  

For more information or to sign up for these camps, click here.