GLENVILLE, W.Va – There is no way to finish a season better than how the Glenville State women’s basketball team did last year.

Bringing a national championship trophy back to the Waco Center, head coach Kim Stephens has reached the top of the mountain but is quick to hit the reset button ahead of the upcoming season.

With just seven points per game back from last season, the focus has turned toward developing a repore between the new faces and the handful of returners.

“I’m the type of coach that expectation is the root of all heartache. When you think you’re going to be good, you’re usually not,” she said, “I expect them to work their hardest. I expect them to maintain our culture and just give it their all every single night. I always want to be the hardest working team on the floor.”

With a unique style of play and not much in terms of returning production, Stephens is turning to the Pioneers that were part of last year’s run to bring the large crop of new faces along in the preseason.

“All four of them have done a really good job. It’s not easy when you have people from all over the country and that’s what we have. It’s not a bunch of West Virginia girls,” she said, “We have girls from big cities, small cities, flights away and so they’ve done a really good job of just setting the tone, making sure people have been on time, making sure people understand what’s going on and what’s allowed in our program.”

The Glenville State women’s basketball team is picked to finish first in the Mountain East this season and begins its national championship defense against West Chester at West Virginia State on November 12.