CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Picture this: You head outside for a usual game of pickleball, start playing against three abnormally large and athletic-looking men and only realize halfway through the game that you were facing three NFL players. That’s exactly what happened to Pittsburgh attorney Meg Burkardt over the weekend, reported fellow ABC affiliate WTAE in Pittsburgh.

Those players turned out to be Pittsburg Steelers TJ Watt, Alex Highsmith and Minkah Fitzpatrick. Burkardt said she had no idea she was playing against NFL players until people started asking to take pictures with the trio. “So I rolled up to north park tonight to jump in a pick up pickle ball game. Started playing with these guys. Had no idea who they were,” said Burkardt in a screenshotted text that was Tweeted by her daughter, accompanied by a picture of the four pick-up players.

While Watt, Highsmith and Fitzpatrick dominate on the football field, Burkardt held her own against them on the pickleball court. “Last game, the guy in the green shirt [Fitzpatrick] and I whooped the other two [Watt and Highsmith],” continued the screenshotted text. Burkardt’s daughter captioned the Tweet, “My mom whooped some Steelers in pickleball today lol.”

Even TJ Watt agreed that the attorney had given them a run for their money. He retweeted the post on June 12, saying “Meg was serving the HEAT. We had trouble all day.”

In a likely-related Tweet on June 11, Watt also said, “Pickle ball is a very underrated sport.”