MORGANTOWN, W.Va – The American Legion baseball season officially came to an end for area teams earlier this week and Morgantown Post 2 was the last team standing. While the season may be over, the impact the Post 2 program has on its players goes far beyond the summer.

With 13 state championships in its history, Morgantown Post 2 is one of the most successful American Legion baseball programs in the state. While the trophies are nice, it goes much further than that for Post 2, a program that has become a community staple that young players aspire to play for from t-ball up through high school.

Dom Colasante got to live that childhood dream and his story is one like hundreds of others that have donned the black and blue in the past.

“I’ve always grown up looking up to the 2 and my cousin played for it and I grew up watching Andy play with my cousin so it’s really not just a program,” he said, “It’s really family to me.”

The loyalty in the Morgantown baseball community runs deep and Post 2 has benefited from that in countless ways over the years. There’s no greater example on this year’s team than Zach Brennan who finishes his fifth and final year with the program in anticipation of heading off for his sophomore year at Potomac State.

With an opportunity to come back for one final season of eligibility for the program that has given him so much, there was no question what his decision would be.

“To come back and be eligible for my freshman year of college and play with these group of guys I’ve been playing with since I was little is just an amazing feeling, man,” he said, “No matter how we finish or where we finish, it’s just an awesome feeling that I get to come back one more year and just be with everybody that I grew up with.”

Brennan served as the elder statesman of a Morgantown team that had some growing up to do and when the time came, they certainly did. Manager Andy Altemus has seen the program from every angle, starting as a player and working his way up to being the man in charge.

He know better than almost anyone how special it can be when things come together for Post 2.

” It’s a lot bigger than individuals and when they realize that and it clicks, it’s really special so we have one or two guys that get an opportunity and they don’t waste it and that’s really cool.,” he said, “Hopefully next year, we get a new batch of young guys that’ll do the same thing.”

As the seasons turn from summer to fall, there’s a lot to look back on for the players of Post 2 but when you try to get right to the heart about what this program means, Colasante sums it up the best.

“Just being with my family. Coming out here everyday, free from everything else. Just baseball,” he said.

With Brennan out of eligibility and players like Colasante, Aaron Forbes and Jacob Kennell off to college, there will likely be some new faces for Post 2 next year but if they’re anything like the guys they’re replacing, they’ll walk away with experiences they won’t soon forget.