MORGANTOWN, W.Va – A return to the playoffs in 2021 spelled a clear mark of improvement for the Morgantown Mohigans after back to back years without postseason appearances.

As Sean Biser embarks on his third season in the University City, the focus is all pointed forward for Morgantown High with the benefits of the past still showing.

“It’s great that we got that experience and they needed that so I guess that is the one thing, they got to experience that but this is a whole other team, whole other ball game, different makeup, different culture-type thing so they have to make their own mark this year,” he said.

The process of developing that culture for Biser and his staff has leaned heavily on a group of seniors that were pressed into action during the head coach’s first season at the helm as sophomores and they have been a part of this team’s progess at every step.

“We all have been really hard-nosed, really hard-working, just trying to get after it and I see a big difference from last year,” senior Keonn Mallett said, “Last year, there were a few soft spots and personalities and stuff like that but his year everyone’s really hard-working and determined.”

A big part of the way the Mohigans want to play is the physicality they try to bring day in and day out. That’s something Biser has had to instill in his team over a period of years but it seems to be taking hold this year.

“We’ve kind of worked to develop that little bit of toughness and harder edge and I think they kind of are understanding that,” he said, “I think that’s one thing that has stood out a little bit and they come every day to work and we’re banging a little bit in practice and they understand that. They know when to turn it on, when to lay back a bit so they’ve done a good job so far.”

Year three for Biser means year three for the Wing-T offense in Morgantown. With a complex scheme when the Mohigans have the ball, he’s made it clear since day one that it won’t be a quick process for his team to put up prolific stats but it looks like they may just turn a corner this season.

“Honestly, it takes four years or so before everybody starts to understand it. You have to play in that system for several years before you start to embrace it and understand the little nuances, not to mention all the other stuff we do inside our offense so them gaining that experience the last couple years and we had some injuries last year so guys got to play, those guys are reaping the benefits of that,” he said.

A big part of building success in that Wing-T offense is developing a dominant offensive line, something that the former WVU blocker set out to do upon his arrival in Morgantown. With experienced starters up and down the offensive front, the Mohigans have a group that can accomplish what their head coach expects.

“I’m expecting a lot, a lot of good. We’ve been working a lot . We’ve been working for a long time. We got a lot of older guys coming back, a lot of starters coming back so its going to be great,” senior lineman Braylon Brown said.

And if an experienced line and group of backs wasn’t enough, Maddox Bowers returns at quarterback with hopes of a complete junior season under center. Expectations are growing as increased physical and mental maturity should pay dividends once the Friday night lights turn on.

“He’s probably gained 15, 20 pounds in the offseason which has helped him. I think he’s improved his foot quickness and he showed in the scrimmage the other day, he can avoid the rush a little bit so that’s going to be huge and just his progression in terms of understanding what’s expected, the tempo we want to run at. It’s huge,” Biser said.

Morgantown opens the season Thursday night on the road, taking on South Charleston.