MORGANTOWN, W.Va – At the ripe age of 21, Mark Spruill is the first-year head coach of the Trinity golf program.

After graduating from Trinity in 2019, Spruill initially signed to continue his playing career in college at Alderson-Broaddus but was left without options when the Battlers’ program folded.

He never stopped playing the game that he loved though and when the opportunity to give back to his alma mater became available, he knew it was something he wanted to do.

“It’s been a pleasure so far, just getting to work with kids, giving back a little bit. It’s almost like a perfect storm, going to help out with little basketball here in the winter and I’ve always been kind of attached to Trinity,” he said, “I love Trinity and its been a pleasure so far to give back and kind of give these kids the same experiences that I had.”

Part of what Spruill has made a focus in his first year leading the Trinity program is that golf is a sport that goes well beyond the competition his players are seeing in high school.

Since he picked up his clubs seriously for the first time as a freshman in high school, golf has become an integral part of his day-to-day life and he’s hoping he can impart the wisdom he’s picked up along the way to his team.

“There’s more to golf than just playing right now and you can use this sport in any job. Golf outings, whatever, there’s always a bigger picture and you can use golf for a number of ways and you can play golf for your entire life so if you fall in love with it like I have and if you fall in love with it and give it your all then it’s going to give back to you at some point,” he said.

The Trinity golf team’s season rolls on and it will head to Wheeling to compete in the OVAC Conference match on September 13.