BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – The Gibson family in Bridgeport already had two athletes headed to Fairmont State University this fall, and now Aidan Gibson makes three.

Aidan signed his Letter of Intent Wednesday evening in Bridgeport, officially joining the Fairmont State wrestling program. He was joined by his parents, his sister Alyson, who signed in November to join the Falcons Acro & Tumbling team, and his brother Austin, a former Bridgeport wrestler in his right, who’s also going to be wrestling at Fairmont state in the fall.

Aidan is self-admittedly the shyest of the Gibson siblings, but it’s a much different mentality for him when he’s on the mats. He flips the switch, as his mom said, going from quiet to dominant.

“When I go on the mats, sometimes, I have frustrations. So, when I get on the mat, I lose it. And I don’t have a clear mindset whenever I wrestle,” Gibson said.

Gibson admitted that his mentality is something he’ll have to work on a little bit at the next level.

He got to the state finals as a freshman in the 106 weight class, and finished third in the state this year in the 160 pound weight class.

he said he’s hoping to wrestle in the 157 class for the Falcons this fall, but said he’ll wrestle in whatever weight class the coaches ask him to compete in.