MORGANTOWN, W.Va – Trinity soccer coach Dan Lohmann’s goals when he took the program over last year went beyond just success on the field.

While there certainly has been plenty of that, one of those other goals has been accomplished with equal levels of aplomb.

Earlier this month, the Warriors became the only team in West Virginia to earn the a 2021-22 Team Academic Award from United Soccer Coaches.

While Lohmann may set the tone when it comes to his team’s focus in the classroom, he says the key is when his players and their families take action themselves too.

“This group of kids has been extremely responsible and its not been any kind of a problem with getting them to stay on top of their studies,” he said, “On their own. they’ve worked very hard and they come from great families that put an emphasis on academics, so my part in this has been very small. It’s been the families and the students that put the work in.”

With a 3.96 team GPA for the previous school year, Trinity certainly has some intelligent student-athletes on the roster.

On top of seeing that in the grades his team brings home, Lohmann has watched the players’ IQs on the field grow at the same time their success in the classroom has too.

“I think that they are very good students of the game so they ask a lot of the right questions, the things that they need to be learning. We get a lot of those questions, especially from the newer players who haven’t played as much,” he said, “They ask a lot of good questions. They help each other. They communicate well. Soccer’s a game of solving problems quite honestly, all the time, and that’s what they’re doing.”

Trinity soccer is off to a 6-2-1 start on the season.