CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — If you’re a sports fan, chances are you have a ritual to bring your team good luck on gameday, like wearing a jersey, making a specific food or even just sitting in the “lucky chair.” A new study takes this idea a step further by taking statistics from every NFL game to determine what time, day and type of field is the “luckiest” for each team.

The study from analyzed NFL game data from the past 10 years—a total of 5,928 games—and shows what day, time and type of field each team has performed the best on.

According to the study, the Pittsburgh Steelers statistically have the best chance of winning their games on Sundays at 1 p.m. when they play on grass fields. Since 2012, the Steelers have had a record of 108-68-2 with about half of those games being played on the grass field at Acrisure Stadium (formerly Heinz Field).

Other teams on the list with some local fans include the Washington Commanders and Cincinnati Bengals, who also statistically play their best at 1 p.m. on Sundays. However, while the Commanders play their best on grass fields like their home FedEx Field, the Bengals play best on turf like in their home base Paycor Stadium.

In this entire study, no team has shown a statistical advantage on any day other than Sunday, nor has any team shown that they are better when playing in primetime. As a matter of fact, 3/4 of the total teams in the NFL perform best during the early slot of Sunday games at 1 p.m. Keep in mind, that the vast majority of NFL games are played on Sundays.

Teams also have a very slim performance advantage while playing on turf with 17 out of the 32 total teams performing better when they play on it.

You can read the full results of the study below:

NFL TeamLuckiest dayLuckiest timeLuckiest field type
Arizona CardinalsSunday4:05 p.m. ETGrass
Atlanta FalconsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Baltimore RavensSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
Buffalo BillsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Carolina PanthersSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Chicago BearsSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
Cincinnati BengalsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Cleveland BrownsSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
Dallas CowboysSunday4:25 p.m. ETTurf
Denver BroncosSunday4:25 p.m. ETGrass
Detroit LionsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Green Bay PackersSunday4:25 p.m. ETGrass
Houston TexansSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Indianapolis ColtsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Jacksonville JaguarsSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
Kansas City ChiefsSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
Las Vegas RaidersSunday4:05 p.m. ETGrass
Los Angeles ChargersSunday4:05 p.m. ETTurf
Los Angeles RamsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Miami DolphinsSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
Minnesota VikingsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
New England PatriotsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
New Orleans SaintsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
New York GiantsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
New York JetsSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Philadelphia EaglesSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
Pittsburgh SteelersSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
San Francisco 49ers Sunday4:25 p.m. ETGrass
Seattle SeahawksSunday4:25 p.m. ETTurf
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
Tennessee TitansSunday1:00 p.m. ETTurf
Washington CommandersSunday1:00 p.m. ETGrass
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