COLUMBUS, Ohio (WBOY) — WVU’s esports program is only in its first year but is already seeing success in its VALORANT division, winning the Mid-Atlantic regional tournament in Columbus, Ohio in Red Bull’s Campus Clutch tournament series. This win qualifies WVU for the National Final, the winner of which will represent the United States in the Campus Clutch World Final in December.

Red Bull Campus Clutch is a 5v5 gaming tournament with more than 50,000 college students competing in more than 50 countries across 400 different events. Not all students need to be attending the same school to compete in a team, but players must be enrolled in a university to be able to participate.

WVU’s VALORANT team at Campus Clutch Regional Qualifer in Columbus, Ohio, USA on Oct. 29, 2022 // Rooted Creative / Red Bull Content Pool /

Director of Esports and VALORANT head coach Josh Steger said this win is simply what they expect out of themselves at this point in the year.

“We hold ourselves to a standard of those types of tournaments, and regionals and conference qualifiers are something that is easily attainable for us,” Steger said.

WVU’s VALORANT team started the season with a few hard losses early on, but now Steger says the team has found its stride and is starting to play as one unit, as opposed to five individuals playing solo.

“I think after a couple meetings, a couple practices, people finally started clicking,” Steger said. “We took two really early losses at the beginning of our year that really shook the team to its core, and since then we’ve been able to start building slowly. After destroying our regional like we should’ve, we’re looking to take that through the next run of this tournament.”

WVU defeated Ohio Northern 1-0, Rowan University 1-0 and Rowan University again in the grand finals 2-0. If you’d like to watch WVU’s games you can find the tournament broadcast here. The National Finals will be held from Nov. 18-21 and will be broadcast live on Twitch.