MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Over the weekend WVU’s Valorant team won the Redbull Campus Clutch Mid-Atlantic Regional final for the second year in a row, securing themselves a spot in the U.S.A. Finals taking place in November.

WVU finished this weekend’s tournament with a 4-1 record; the team lost one match to the eventual second-place team, the Vietnamese Student Association of Virginia Commonwealth University (VSA-VCU) with a final score of 9-13.

“Our coach (Corey “ChurmZ” Koch) sat us all down and made us realize our mistakes and that motivated us,” said the team’s in-game leader Theo “In0X” Bjornsson. “After that it was like a switch just flipped and we ended up dominating the rest of our games.”

WVU got two other wins against Ohio Northern University (ONU), with their second match being an absolute beatdown with a final score of 13-1. WVU beat ONU earlier that day in a much closer game with a final score of 13-10.

“We’re mad,” Bjornsson said in a post-game interview, in reference to the team’s earlier loss against VSA-VCU. “We’re mad and we’re gonna win. That’s literally all it is. We’re mad, and we’re turned up.”

WVU’s win at Columbus means they will be traveling to Chicago for the Redbull campus Clutch U.S.A. National Final on Nov. 4. There, eight college teams will battle to see who will represent the United States in the world finals held in Istanbul, Turkey.

“This is a new roster, but we’re definitely a brotherhood,” said sophomore Drew “Tayz” Davidson. “We support each other in and out of the game, and we’re only going to keep getting better.”

You can watch a replay of WVU’s full grand finals match here on Twitch.