BUCKHANNON, W.Va. – Mushroom season falls between April 15 to May 15 depending on weather and location, and this mushroom season happened to fall in the middle of a stay at home order, giving five-year-old Jasi Butler and her family plenty of time to explore the woods and enjoy a family tradition.

Five-year-old Jasi Butler from Upshur County

“We’ve taken her since she was four or five days old,” said Shon Butler, Jasi’s dad. “Her birthday is April 5 so about four or five days later mushroom time of year hit and we just took her and she’s gone ever since.” 

While turkey hunting with her mom, dad and neighbor; Jasi and her family came across a massive morel mushroom that weighed 0.9 lbs and measured 11 inches tall and 15 inches in circumference.

“With the stay at home order we’ve been going through we’ve pretty much been going everyday looking for mushrooms,” explained Shon Butler. “This is the biggest morel I’ve ever seen in 37 years of mushroom hunting.” 

Morel mushrooms have several nicknames that differ through parts of Appalachia, in Kentucky they’re known as ‘hickory chickens’ and in West Virginia they’re commonly referred to as ‘molly moochers’.

“It’s just enjoyable to get out and learn the different tree species and pass that down to Jasi,” stated Butler.

Morel mushrooms can be found in forested areas near elm and oak trees and can be used in many different recipes.