CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Known for a variety of roles throughout the years, actor Dean Cain made a stop at the Clarksburg Police Department for a meet and greet with local law enforcement on Friday.

Cain traveled alongside local filmmaker Jason Campbell, who is also running for the House of Delegates, to speak with first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cain is a reserve police officer in Idaho and said it meant a lot to be able to spend time with those serving the community during these uncertain times.

“It’s been really interesting seeing what people have been going through and talking to people on the front lines and thanking them. It’s a whole different thing out here in West Virginia than in California and for me it’s an interesting perspective,” said Cain.

Campbell has worked with Cain several times through his faith based film company that often shoots in north central West Virginia.

“Here in Clarksburg we have a film company called JC Films, and so we’ve made about a dozen films here in the community,” said Campbell.

Of those films, Cain has starred in more than four.

The two stopped to talk to all members of the Clarksburg Police Department to thank them for their efforts in keeping community members safe throughout the pandemic.

Cain and Campbell also made a stop at United Hospital Center to deliver food to employees there.