CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Blue Knights West Virginia Chapter II presented a donation Wednesday evening to WVU Medicine Children’s.

Blue Knights is a motorcycle club made of up police officers. Club members sold raffle tickets and matched those proceeds from the raffle giving the children’s hospital$8,000 to help with their comfort fund. Hospital officials said those funds help families who are traveling to the hospital or who have a child that is currently in the hospital.

“We give to the children as much as we can in the area, uh make that nice contact between the law enforcement community and the regular community. All of our funds come in and it goes back into the communities,” said Ed Martin, President of Blue Knights WV Chapter II.

Club members stated they want to raise more money to help the children as much as they possibly can. Member added they look forward to raising more money next year with their raffle to help WVU Medicine Children’s.

“So, we do whatever we can, so the families are able to focus on their child. That is our biggest concern is that they give all their time to the child, and they are making sure that they’re doing what they can to help them get better,” said Erin Blake, Associate Director of Community Relations at WVU Medicine Children’s.

Officials with WVU Medicine Children’s added that fundraisers like this are helping families around that state and helping the kids get better care. Those officials said that it is also helping ease the burden off of the parents and caregivers.

“This is something that we wouldn’t be able to help them with if it were not for organizations like the Blue Knights,” Blake said. “So, it’s truly something amazing that they are able to do, and that we are then able to help the families.”