FAIRMONT, W.Va. – On Thursday, Byron Cooper, also known as Byron Six-Six Cooper musical, was back on his front porch in Fairmont singing for neighbors and folks on Facebook.

Cooper said the concerts came about from looking around on social media and seeing the devastation that COVID-19 was having on all walks of life. He also said he was seeing his neighbors sitting on their front porch not having fun and tough his singing could bring them some joy. In just two hours on his Facebook page Cooper had approximately 17,000 views on his live video.

“One thing I know about music is just like a smile, its universal. I can sing a song that you may not know the lyrics to but the music and the way I sing it with my passion can move you just like a smile. Somebody can smile from across the world and you know what that smile mean,” said Cooper

A spectator streamed Cooper and from there the community has been wanting his uplifting weekly giving them something to look forward to during this difficult time.

“Social media has allowed me to reach people abroad. I have had people from Canada, Europe, I have had people from all over coming to me and letting me know they appreciate what I am doing,” said Cooper. “And whatever they are going through they can smile for that two hours, two and half hours, and it just really enlightens me to see that.”

Most of the music Cooper sings is from versatile genres like Country, R&B, Soft Rock, oldies, and some 80’s music. Chorus has been a big part of Coopers life as well as church choir allowing him to use his voice to make a positive impact on others.

“About 30 years ago I experienced something called karaoke, woo what a rush, and I have just enjoyed it ever since then,” said Cooper. “I love seeing someone else dance to my music, someone smile to my music, someone else engage in my music. If it’s just one person I can touch, just one, I had a great time doing it. It doesn’t matter if it was five minutes of three hours. So, to see all these people elated that what I have done. It’s a blessing.”

Cooper stated he’s passionate towards people sharing love and compassion with others. He’s been in retail for 31 years and sings because it makes him happy. Liking and sharing his Facebook videos has given Cooper more passion to continue on and lift his spirits as well.