CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Today and every day our WBOY family is grateful for the sacrifices our veterans have made.  In this month’s celebrating volunteers, we are thanking Dorian James.  

Dorian James has been a staple in the community of Clarksburg for more than two decades. Over the past 27 years, James has been a part of the annual Black Heritage Festival that takes place in Downtown Clarksburg.

Although the festival only takes place for three days during the month of September, the work does not stop there. Outreach efforts continue throughout the year at the Kelly Miller Community Center.

“Throughout the year, the festival is doing things in the community that support and encourage people doing things. Getting engaged, being involved. That’s pretty much one of the biggest reasons why I like doing what I’m doing through the group,” said James.

Board members work year round to supply activities for people of all ages to enjoy. The community center provides family fun nights, yoga classes and ‘STEAM’ club.

“It’s always, always important for everyone to see people come together and make a difference,” said James.

With this year’s Black Heritage Festival celebrating its 30th year, board members are reaching out to potential sponsors and collecting donations to give away 30 scholarships.

James said, “It’s always encouraging to help someone and assist them financially with furthering their education and we want to continue that”.

For ways to get involved with the Black Heritage Festival or the Kelly Miller Community Center click here.

The Miley Legal Group‘s donation of $500 will go towards the 30th Annual Black Heritage Festival.