Clarksburg City Council considers a direct election for Mayor

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CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Clarksburg City Council met in January, and holding the first reading of an ordinance amending section five of the city charter was the mayor’s direct election.

On Thursday night, the council met virtually and in-person, holding a second and final reading of the mayor of Clarksburg’s ordinance to be elected. Council in a four to two voted to pass the ordinance to amend section five of their charter for the mayor’s election. Since the council did not fully support the ordinances, the charter change will be placed on the city’s ballot in June to vote by the residents.

This proposed charter change could move the council from a weak mayor to a strong mayor system in as the amendment proposes in 2026 and set term limits.

“Now it’s up to the citizens, you know if the citizens if this is what the citizens want this is their opportunity to vote for that. So, the citizens will vote in June whether or not they want to be able to vote for the mayor,” said Jim Malfregeot, Councilman for the City of Clarksburg.

Currently, section five of the city charter read on the first day of July in a special meeting council following each regular city election; council members elect one of its members to serve as Mayor for a term of two years. The last time section five of the Clarksburg City Charter was amended was in June of 1993.

Also, section five of the charter states that the mayor will preside over the city council’s meetings and be recognized as the head of the city government for all ceremonial and military purposes. As of now, the mayor has no regular administrative duties.

The newly proposed charter changes to be voted on the state the mayor shall be elected largely by qualified voters of the city for a term of two years. The proposed charter also states the four members to be elected in the June 2021 election will serve for five years if the charter amendment gets public approval by vote.

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