CLARKSBURG, W.Va.- Clarksburg Mayor Ryan Kennedy has decided not to run for re-election in June.

Kennedy said that he has enjoyed his time serving the public as mayor and as a member of the city council throughout the past six years but is a strong believer in term limits and would not be permitted to run again if they were enacted.

Mayor Ryan Kennedy

He said that he wants to see more new faces in leadership and hear new plans that can help improve the city.

“I decided to lead by example and to step aside voluntarily because it’s very important to have new blood and new ideas and new perspectives on council-and I think that part of the reason why Clarksburg has had some issues over the past several decades is that the same people stayed in charge too long,” said Kennedy.

After his term officially ends in June, Kennedy plans to focus on raising his four children and going back to his life and career as a private citizen.

He also hopes to see the term limits amendment pass during the June 1 election.