FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Earlier this week, the Fairmont State Board of Governors released its evaluation of President Dr. Mirta Martin. This time has given Dr. Martin a chance to reflect, and she says there is so much the entire community has accomplished to be proud of.

“One of the reason I came to Fairmont State, is that were an institution that is a high touch institution, and we serve a very distinct population. Each institution is a little bit unique. With the falcon family there’s a sense of community here. We get to know each other by name not just as a number. That’s really important, because you know at Fairmont State we’re large enough that we can offer our students anything they want.

Three years after my arrival we have turned finances over to the tune of almost $12 million. We have come together despite our differences as one family, with one vision. That vision is carrying us through to become a destination of choice for West Virginians, and for students throughout the nation, and throughout the world who seek a high touch education. Who seek a superb education, in an incredible. Incredible; atmosphere.”

Dr. Mirta Martin, President at Fairmont State University

Dr. Martin said all the success the university sees now is a group effort because it truly takes a village to get where they plan on heading. She said, “but we are headed in the correct direction.”