BRIDGEPORT, W.Va.- Governor Jim Justice said that he will be helping to fund a $70 million project that will create new additions to the North Central West Virginia Airport. The airport has produced more than $1 billion in annual economic impact to the area.

“I think it’s a great day to be a resident and participating in north central West Virginia. The governor coming with a $20 million package that’s really going to help move this airport forward,” said president of the Benedum Airport Authority Ron Watson.

The airport is owned by both Harrison and Marion counties. Officials with the aviation program at Fairmont State University said they feel this project will help the program.

“When you tie all this aerospace industry together, it excites interest at all levels, whether you’re maintenance or whether you actually want to fly the airplanes as the ultimate result, so I think it’s going to draw a lot of attention,” said Joel Kirk of Fairmont State University.

Justice said that he thinks north central West Virginia is the perfect place for these additions because of the colleges and technology in the region.

“First of all, this is a beautiful area. There’s no question about that. And second of all, this area is right in the sweet spot and we’ve already proven that in so many different ways over the years,” said Justice.

The additions will include a new terminal, 50 additional acres with direct taxi access to the airport and more land for commercial and industrial use.