CLARKSBURG, W.Va.- Fourteen-year-old Payton Weisenberger may be young, but she is no stranger to rescuing animals in need. In March of 2016, Weisenberger made an unexpected friend while spending time with her family at the VA Park in Clarksburg, that she named Hoppers and cleaned up and cared for until he was able to find a forever home.

“Walking this trail one time we found a pet duckling and he followed us for quite a bit so we scooped him up and took him home,” said Weisenberger.

Weisenberger has also worked with the Harrison County Humane Society to held save injured animals that would otherwise not have survived.

“Me, my friend and her mom went and helped take care of him. He had a fairly deep hole in his back leg and it had maggots impacted in it, so we helped take most of those out and he was transported to the Point of View farm in Pocahontas county,” said Weisenberger.

The Weisenberger family also has two rescue dogs, Shadow and Winston, who were adopted from local shelters. Payton said that she recognizes the importance of pet adoption and taking in animals who are looking for a loving family.

“Just so that there are less pets in the shelter and they just need a good home to be loved and cared for,” said Weisenberger.

For more on how to get involved with pet adoptions or volunteer work, contact the Harrison County Humane Society at 304-592-1600.