CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Harrison County Mayors’ Association held its monthly meeting Wednesday at Clarksburg City Hall where they received an update from the county economic development corporation.

Officials with the corporation stated despite the pandemic some good things have taken place as far as new industries seeking development in Harrison County. Members of the Harrison County Economic Development Corporation said their biggest update is that large corporations are looking for rural locations to develop and that the county has plenty of potential for those industries and businesses.

“We have a lot of amenities that these metropolitan areas have, cheaper to develop, cheaper to locate here. It’s a great place to raise a family. We have a lot of positives. So, it’s all of us getting on board and marketing those positives we have, the industries that we have, the housing that we have, the education, the healthcare that we have, and its growing,” said Amy Haberbosch Wilson, Executive Director of the Harrison County Economic Development Corporation.

Also, Wilson said the biggest industry in Harrison County currently is aviation and technology. She also added that several Fortune 500 Companies are located in the county with hopes of future expansion.

“We share our airport with Marion County. So, with North Central and it’s not just Harrison but Marion, Lewis, Doddridge, and Monongalia Counties. North Central [West Virginia] is growing rapidly and we’ve got a lot of positives that are here,” Wilson said.

Members of the corporation also explained that the pandemic has affected businesses and industries differently in regards to being able to receive its goods and manufacturing its products for distribution. The corporation explained that these companies and manufacturers have had to make sacrifices and be creative with what they have been able to do.

“We’re rural, and we’ve been rural for a long time,” Wilson said. “So, it’s been difficult for them in the past to get some of the supplies that they needed, when our electricity goes out, or our water flooding, anything like that they pull together. And that is exactly what they are doing right now.”

Wilson goes on to explain that one of the most recent wins for the development corporation was the Harrison Regional Industrial Park. She also said a partnership between the corporation, the park, and the county commission has been formed.

“The corporation wrote a grant for $2.6 Million and that is a federal EDA grant to fund a shell building, a 50,000 square foot shell building that will be for a manufacturing company that is located in this park. We also have the existing Harvest Care located in the park,” Wilson said. “So, the park will have 400 jobs alone just for that area.”

Wilson also stated that the corporation has plans for two other parks in the county to mimic the existing industrial park with more grant funding and development in the near future.