CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Harrison County Commission held its meeting on Wednesday and a few residents from the Wolf Summit area spoke about issues they are facing.

Those residents stated that within the last six-to-eight months that they have seen an increase in homeless being in the area and thefts occurring. Also, residents said that law enforcement have been dropping “homeless backpackers” off at the Wolf Summit Park and Ride area. A few residents stated that homeless individuals are then intruding into people’s property.

“We’ve had stuff stolen, the neighbor has just here recently a couple weekends ago had a lot of stuff stolen, and hopefully we can put a stop to it,” said Megan Matheny, a resident of Wolf Summit.

Wolf Summit residents advised their neighbors to be cautious, and if they see anything suspicious, to contact authorities. Commissioners stated they will be reaching out to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies to see what policies they currently have in place for the situation.

During the meeting, county commission also granted $6,500 to the Harrison County Historical Society. The Clarksburg History Museum was also given $5,000 to help with operational and educational needs.

Commission also agreed to a special funding request from the West Virginia Black Heritage Festival for $3,000 to help with scholarship funding and other needs.