High-speed chase in Randolph County ends with 1 woman in custody

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MILL CREEK, W.Va. – One Mill Creek woman, is in custody after striking a pedestrian and leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase through Randolph County.

According to a criminal complaint from the Randolph County Sheriff’s office, at approximately 12:49 p.m. on Tuesday, Sheriff R.R. Elbon, along with Corporal E.B. Carr, received a complaint of a vehicle that had struck a pedestrian at Fox’s Lumber.

The caller explained that 34-year-old Stevie Fox was driving the car. When the caller confronted Fox about the vehicle being stolen, Fox began to leave the scene. Then, according to law enforcement, Fox “ran the vehicle into the caller and ran her up on the hood of the vehicle and knocked her to the ground after doing a donut in the parking lot.”

The Sheriff and Corporal then checked the area to locate the white 2016 Nissan Sentra that was reported to deputies the night before.

According to officials, at approximately 1:29 p.m., the Sheriff and Corporal located the vehicle on Woody Simmons Drive at the intersection of US 219. Sheriff Elbon then pulled the cruiser beside the vehicle and started to get out when Fox quickly accelerated and started fleeing southbound on US 219.

Law enforcement stated that they then began a pursuit after Fox as she was driving left of center in Mill Creek, passing vehicles at high speed. Fox continued to flee on US 250 South towards Cheat Mountain at more than 120 miles per hour. According to officials, at the foot of Cheat Mountain near the apartments, Fox attempted to turn around, and Sheriff Elbon attempted to cut her off. However, she was able to slide past the Sheriff, nearly colliding with the cruiser, and continue to flee northbound on US 250 towards the intersection of US 250 and US 219, according to officials.

Fox eventually turned onto US 219 South towards Valley Head, according to officials. She then approached a line of traffic heading southbound and passed a service truck in the oncoming lane of traffic in a blind turn, the criminal complaint explained.

Officials stated that Fox traveled southbound, once again passing vehicles left-of-center until turning around near Beckys Creek Road and traveling back north towards the ParMar in Huttonsville. According to court documents, when law enforcement was able to approach the intersection of US 219 and 250, Fox went left of center, passing multiple vehicles and a large tractor-trailer that was turning left to travel north. This is when Fox started to turn left to go Northbound towards Mill Creek before quickly turning right and nearly striking the tractor-trailer before driving into a residential yard.

Fox then continued onto Hutton Street through the yard before running out of gas. Corporal Carr was able to maneuver his cruiser around the vehicle. According to court documents, Sheriff Elbon stayed behind the vehicle, officially blocking Fox in as she was trying to start the car and leave.

Law enforcement was then able to break the driver’s side window to gain access to the vehicle while Fox anchored herself between the vehicle’s steering wheel and driver’s seat. She then began attempting to kick both Sheriff Elbon and Corporal Elbon in the chest and legs, officials explained.

According to the complaint, pepper spray was then used on Fox. She then started kicking and spitting at law enforcement. After multiple pepper spray attempts, they were able to pull her out of the vehicle, officials said.

Fox then punched Corporal Carr in the shoulder, according to court documents. She was then taken to the ground to get her into hand restraints; after some struggle and resistance from Fox, law enforcement was able to be placed in custody.

Randolph County EMS was called to the scene to check on Fox before being transported to Davis Medical Center for clearance.

While in transport, Fox continued to make irrational statements towards Sheriff Elbon. She was then cleared at the hospital and transported to Tygart Valley Regional Jail. At this time, there is no information regarding bail being set.

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