Marion County health and fitness coach is helping others stay healthy during quarantine

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The stay at home order has caused some people to gain what many are calling the “COVID-15,” referring to the weight they’ve put on while staying at home trying to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus. Although gyms and workout facilities have reopened in West Virginia many people are not returning to their normal routines just yet.

“If you’re still afraid to go back to the gym just go back to the basics, making sure that you’re getting your steps in during the day,” said health and fitness coach, April Gilpin. “If you’re a runner go run but you don’t have to be a runner just go out and get some steps, 10,000 is the baseline.” 

After going on a health journey of her own more than seven years ago, Gilpin is passionate about staying healthy and helping others reach their fitness goals and explained that you don’t have to have a gym to get healthy and can start a lifestyle change at home.

“You can always do body weight exercises you can start really basic and easy and then you can move your way up to weights,” explained Gilpin. “If you don’t have weights at home you can grab anything like a gallon jug and fill it up a quarter of the way the first week then the next week fill it up halfway and keep going until you fill it up all the way.” 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in mental health can be common, some may experience stress, anxiety, fear, sadness and loneliness. Mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, may worsen according to the Mayo Clinic.

“Mental health is super important and whenever you can move your body and continue to exercise and eat right as well, those go hand in hand. You can just be happier overall,” stated Gilpin. 

Gilpin coaches her clients to change their mindset to help ensure a lifestyle change rather than a temporary diet. 

“Once you change your mindset, shift your mindset to I want to be skinny to, I need to be healthy then it’s a total game changer and you don’t necessarily put as much pressure on yourself to be perfect,” explained Gilpin.

While remaining at home, experts explained that it’s important to keep routines as normal as possible, eat healthy, exercise and limit screen time.

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