FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Vaccines are being distributed everywhere in West Virginia, but the problem stands now that each county is not receiving enough doses to truly get a jump on this disease.

For Marion County, it receives 100 doses each week. The struggle each week with limited vaccines is that they must serve them to certain populations first. For example, the elderly population and emergency workers get priority.

The health department is frustrated because it leads to the general population unable to be vaccinated where they lack in doses. Director Lloyd White said without more doses; this thing will not come to an end anytime soon.

“I’m really frustrated. You know, we get 100 doses a week, for the 80 plus population. Once the governor makes an announcement, our phones just explode,” said White. “Folks can’t get through to us, and our emails explode. In terms of vaccination, certainly, we encourage everybody to when the vaccine becomes available to be vaccinated. I think honestly, that’s the only way out of this pandemic is for folks to get the vaccine.”

White said in order to end this “red county” streak Marion county is in, more doses need to become available soon to cover the majority.