WHITE HALL, W.Va. – The NASA Katherine Johnson IV and V facility in Fairmont celebrated a successful mission. The first spacecraft made in West Virginia has successful been in orbit for a whole year.

A project like this is only predicted to last an average of three months. STF-1 operated nearly perfect for six months, and now continues to collect GPS data, solar weather information and of course, catching photos of earth.

STF-1 has completed approximately 5,500 total orbits around the globe, and an STF-2 has been talked about. Project manager, Scott Zemerick, said this has been a great accomplishment for a first time team mostly full of engineers who are West Virginia natives.

“It really means a lot that we have had one year of orbit operations. There’s a high failure rate with CubeSat missions, but we have had a lot of success,” said Zemerick. “We wanted to reach out and let everyone know that there are a lot of high technology jobs in this area, and this is an example of one of those things you can accomplish here.”