MONONGAH, W.Va. – Monongah Middle School decided to follow in the Mannington Homework Helpers footsteps to provide more in-person assistance at this time for its students who were struggling through virtual learning.

The Monongah Homework Helpers meet on Tuesday’s from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. at the Town Hall building. Monongah Middle School teachers are there to provide the extra in-person instruction, so many children need, want, and have been missing out on for months.

This group’s goal is to meet every Tuesday until that in-person instruction can continue at the student’s schools. Many teachers at schools across the town, and Marion County, have seen several students falling behind with work due to virtual teaching.

Jacqueline Costello, a middle school teacher, said teachers want to allow this time for extra help to ensure every student can have the opportunity to be successful, despite the pandemic.

“From a teacher’s perspective, I think it’s everything. I think it’s really what teaching is built on is, that social interaction and learning from those experiences,” said Costello. “I think it helps them understand a concept more because we can see where they misunderstand something, and you know, work with them to build on those misunderstandings and learn from it. Plus, a lot of these kids haven’t seen their friends in months. So, we are keeping them at a distance, but that helps them too, stay encouraged and happy during this time.”

The Monongah homework helpers are open to anyone and everyone who is a part of the Marion county or Monongah family. If you would like to learn more, contact either Mayor John Palmer or Monongah Middle School for more information.