SALEM, W.Va. – The Trail Side Pub highlights one of the most unique aspects of Salem while proving to the community that it’s more than just a bar.

“We were here because the North Bend Rail Trail goes right behind us-it’s a 72-mile-long trail, and Salem is a trail town,” said owner Valerie Lane.

The restaurant’s walls are painted with a map of the North Bend Rail Trail-when all the gaps are closed it will lead from Parkersburg to Pittsburgh

With windows painted to showcase the different tunnels along the rail trail, which is part of the American Discovery Trail that goes coast to coast, and a map for travelers to mark where they’re from, the pub was designed to draw attention to the trail and what it adds to the area, while offering great food and drinks for people of all ages. Its most popular items include appetizers such as the “Trail Side Sampler” and loaded nachos, as well as the burgers, which Lane set a high goal for.

“We wanted to be kind of a mom-and-pop place, you know? Just really good food and the best burgers in town and that’s succeeded so far. Everybody loves our food and I think that’s one of the reasons people keep coming back other than the friendly service and nice environment.”

In addition to top quality food and rich history, the Trail Side Pub offers plenty of activities for visitors such as free pool and darts, and is looking to expand even further to engage anyone looking for a fun night out.

“We’ve started doing paint and sips and we do private parties. We rent the place out. We want to do things like trivia night. We’ve had a band come in and they played music for us. We want to dabble a little, maybe start karaoke or open mic night,” said Lane.

The Trail Side Pub is open Tuesday through Saturday and is available for curbside or delivery.