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DAVIS, W.Va. – For somebody who doesn’t like coffee herself, Deana Ritchey knows the value of providing organic coffee and tea to a small community.

Located in the heart of the Monongahela National Forest and the Appalachian Mountains, Trailhead Coffee Shop brings a place with organic coffee, tea, and chocolate to the community of Tucker County.

One of the three owners, Deana Ritchey, worked at another coffee shop, known as Boomtown Java, before opening Trailhead. After receiving the news of Boomtown Java closing, Ritchey tried to buy the business. However, with the building sold, there was nowhere for her to put the coffee shop.

Ritchey kept all the equipment from Boomtown Java, but after holding it all in storage for six months, she gave the equipment back. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to find a place to put the coffee shop.

Fast forward three years, Ritchey and two of her previous customers from Boomtown Java began Trailhead with the help of one espresso machine in the laundry room.

“Johnathon was actually, and Morgan both were customers of mine at Boomtown. And we always joked about reopening a coffee shop. And I actually was helping Johnathon clean his house once a week, and came in one day, and started the laundry,” said Deana Ritchey. “And walked into the laundry room and there was the espresso machine sitting on the floor, and he was like ‘Well we’re going to do this’ and I said ‘Okay.’” 

With Davis being such a small town, Ritchey understood the importance of providing her community with quality products when planning the opening of Trailhead. The three owners worked together to find locally grown and organic products to sell to Trailhead’s customers.

Trailhead receives their organic fair trade coffee beans from Stone Tower Joe, a local coffee roasting business located in Fairmont, West Virginia. Their tea comes from Rishi, another organic fair-trade company. The chocolate you can find at Trailhead comes from an organic fair-trade company, known as Divine.

While providing organic fair trade products is essential to the owners of Trailhead, so is the support the businesses in Tucker County have with one another. Trailhead takes pride in being a supportive, locally owned company. Ritchey says that every locally owned business in Davis values the support of one another, which is how they all survive. She also mentions that if one place doesn’t have what the customer is looking for, they will send them down the street to a place that does.

“No we’re not cooperate, and I think that’s great. You get a piece Tucker County every place you go, everybody’s nice, friendly. We all survive because we support one another,” said Ritchey.

Ritchey may not be somebody who likes to drink coffee, but her community will tell you she makes excellent creations inside her shop. Her favorite part of owning a coffee shop is getting to meet new people and listen to the stories from all her customers.

Currently, Trailhead offers coffee, tea, and chocolate. Sometimes, they will switch it up and provide their customers with different pastries and baked goods. Ritchey says there might be somethings they can expand on in the future, but for now, she’s happy with the items Trailhead does provide.

To find more information about Trailhead Coffee Shop, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

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