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HAZELTON, W.Va.- Having trouble getting up a hill is a large problem for residents that live off of Cherry Grove Road in Hazelton.

The road is located next to Beaver Creek in Preston County. Residents have been complaining to the Division of Highways about fixing the road since last year.

Resident Kathleen Meyers has lived on this road since last August. She explained that it is easy to go down the hill, but extremely difficult to go up when the road is wet or icy. Meyers drives a front-wheel drive vehicle and said she has to add an extra 20 minutes into her commute when the roads are wet.

Since living off this road, she has had a plethora of car damages, she is currently using one of her daughter vehicles due to her vehicle being out of commission.

“I cannot afford to put thousands of dollars in my car every spring and every fall,” said Meyers.  

Meyers said she has reached out to the DOH multiple times, regarding her car needing fixed from living off this road. She said they tell her to send in her mechanic bill and they will reimburse her, but she has to wait until January of the following year to receive the reimbursement.

August 2019 was the last time Meyers saw the DOH out fixing her road. She said they placed millings in the potholes to appease resident. She also explained that the millings have turned into rocks and have moved to the edges of the road, clogging the ditches.

Meyers continued and explained that the road is so bad, other residents have moved off this road because they cannot afford to pay for their car to be fixed every four to six months.

She said if the DOH does not fix this road, she will be at a financial lost and would have to find somewhere else to live.

“It’s really bad for the people that don’t have brand new vehicles that don’t have full coverage insurance, that can’t turn this stuff in all the time,” said Meyers.

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