Road Patrol: Kincheloe Road continues to worsen after being neglected for more than twenty years

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KINCHELOE ROAD, W.Va. – Residents on Kincheloe Road are growing impatient with the Division of Highways. The windy and narrow road connects Harrison, Lewis and Doddridge Counties but many explain that it’s becoming almost too dangerous to drive.

“It’d be nice to have a really nice new road, I’ve been driving this road since ’72 and I can’t remember the whole thing being done at one time,” said James Cumberledge, Kincheloe Road resident.

Due to a lack of drainage, Kincheloe has become increasingly dangerous over the years. With nowhere for rainfall to drain, water sits on the road and according to residents, becomes a sheet of ice when temperatures drop.

“Most of the time we don’t even see a plow truck, the local guys with their tractors and trucks and stuff do most of the plowing,” said Cumberledge.

With little-to-no treatment during the winter months, locals turn their concerns to school buses and emergency vehicles.

“Keeping the children safe and emergency personnel, getting them out of here in a timely fashion. This road you’ve seen, you can’t make time so if someone has an emergency, it takes forever to get anybody here,” said Cumberledge.

After trying to improve the roads themselves, residents explained that they were told to stop.

“You hear people talk about they have to go and fill in a hole or something in the road or they’ve got to clean out a ditch, then somebody will come along and say ‘that’s illegal, you can’t do that’, well if they don’t do it, who’s going to do it,” said Ray Moser, 56 year Kincheloe Road resident.

Although Kincheloe natives are growing impatient, many have hopes that the DOH will listen to their concerns and make the road safe, once again.

“I think we’ve been patient,” said Moser” It’s been a lot of years since anything has been done and we’d just like to get a new road up here, I just don’t think the people know who to turn to.”

Residents have reached out to the DOH but there is still no timeline on if or when Kincheloe Road issues will be resolved.

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