MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Little Falls Road is less than half a mile from I-79, has river and hiking access, and yet two cars cant fit next to each other on the road. If they did, one car would be have to be in a pot hole or two. The last time this road saw proper attention was all the way back in 1989.

“It really needs ditched before they do any… I think they need to repave the whole road,” said five year resident, Terry Carpenter. “I think patching is beyond repairing this road.”​

Carpenter and her husband Bill said this road is by far the worst road they have ever lived on, and it has gotten to a point where they don’t even want to leave the house because damages it could cause to their car.

“I don’t even like to go out. She has a hard time getting me out of here,” said Bill. “Yeah cause you know the damages to your vehicle isn’t worth it,” Carpenter said.

The Carpenters were concerned that they were forgotten about on Little Falls Rd, because when the adjacent road that leads up to the interstate got repaved, they painted a solid white line, instead of a dotted line leading into there neighborhood.

“I mean is it going to be the post office next, the postal, UPS? Are they going to start refusing to come down our road because it’s so bad,” Carpenter asked. “Plus, if there is an emergency, an ambulance has to come. It’s just, it’s so bad.”​

Becky Hinzman has lived down Little Falls Road her entire life. She said the traffic has picked up because the water and trail access, but she has never seen the conditions this bad in her whole life.

She said that she and her husband have never been able to drive above eight miles per hour, because they know the consequences.

“You have to weave. You have to stop and actually ease your car down into the pot holes, or if not your going to drag,” said Hinzman. “I mean we went to the store the other day, and we drug out there in a pot hole, and we were going slow.”​

Residents including Carpenter, have tried to contact WVDOH about when they are scheduled to have something done to fix their road. They were told ditching wasn’t going to be done until July 2021.

“Between the hikers, and the bikers, its pretty well traveled. It seems like a country road that just a few houses are on, but its really traveled a lot,” said David Hinzman.

Neighbors have personally cleaned out potholes, and filled them with gravel themselves, because the holes get to a point where they are unbearable.

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