CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK)- A sixth victim who died under suspicious circumstances at the VA Medical Center in Clarksburg has been identified.

According to Tony O’Dell, an attorney for the VA victims’ families, Russell Posey, 92 died in July of 2018. Posey had been at the hospital with pneumonia but was getting better when he was transferred to floor 3A. That’s where his glucose levels dramatically dropped.

“His body didn’t get enough oxygen, he ended up having a heart attack. The man actually lived for about 11 days which is a testament to how strong this 92-year-old man was even with someone overdosing on insulin,” said Attorney Tony O’Dell.

According to Posey’s obituary he was a Navy Veteran who fought in WWII. He graduated from WVU with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. He is survived by four children and seven grandchildren.

Posey is now one of five other veterans who have been identified as dying under suspicious circumstances, three have been reclassified as homicides. There are at least ten suspicious deaths being investigated.

The FBI and the VA inspector general are investigating this case. The person of interest has yet to be charged but no longer works at the VA.