BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – May 8 through 14 is National Skilled Nursing Care week across the country, and the residents and staff at Stonerise Bridgeport decided to put their talents to the test on Wednesday morning.

Residents and staff performed a number of talents at the talent show, including trumpet playing, baby walks, stand-up comedy, a “patient’s rights rap” and more.

Staff at Stonerise Bridgeport said they are happy that they can celebrate the week with fewer COVID-19 restrictions than last year’s celebration.

“It’s a wonderful experience not only for the staff but for the residents,” said Linda Curry, activities director for Stonerise Bridgeport. “The residents really, really enjoy this. They’ll be talking about it for weeks now.”

The facility held a proclamation by Bridgeport Mayor Andy Lang and a balloon release on Monday morning to start off the week.

Stonerise Bridgeport also held a cookout on Wednesday afternoon and will have a magic show on Thursday to continue the week’s festivities.