GRAFTON, W.Va. – Explore the New Manufacturing announced Tuesday, May 26 that a Taylor County counselor has received the Outstanding Educator Award for his work with middle school students.

Jerry Dooley has worked at Taylor County Middle School for the last two years, and has been a counselor for a total of four years.

He said his number one goal is ensure that students explore local career opportunities in manufacturing and prepare them for the challenges they will face upon graduation.

“Its not enough, to go through school and get a diploma if we don’t know how to use it, and thats where our career explorations come into play,” said Dooley.

Outstanding Industry Educator Awards are given to those who make positive impacts in the classroom. ​Student success often is the result of a teacher who are dynamic and inspire people to work harder in pursuit of a rewarding future.

Dooley makes sure his focus in on all their students success down the road, not just here and now.

He also explained that he could never accomplish it all by himself.

“This is something special, its never happened to me before, but it never would have happened, I know its trite but its true, had it not been for our team. From administration, teachers, office staff, because we focus specifically on getting our students ready for careers.”

Dooley said his favorite part about his job is being a part of Taylor County.

He said the school system, the students and community that surrounds it are amazing and he hopes that he can continue to help and educate Taylor county students with their future endeavors for a long time to come.