CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The 2020 regular session of the West Virginia Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would officially make daylight saving time the official time in West Virginia year round.

According to an official voting report from the Senate, Senate bill 106 was passed with a 32-2 vote, in favor of the switch.

According to text from the bill, the federal law does not permit states to observe daylight saving time year round. However, if that law were to be amended, this bill would ensure the time switch.

“The Secretary of State shall monitor the enactment of any federal law that permits the year round observation of daylight saving time. If the law is enacted, the secretary shall send written notice of the effective date to the Governor, who will announce the enacted law to all affected parties,” the bill stated.

The bill also stated that the time shall apply to all public schools, institutions of higher learning, agencies, departments and political subdivisions of the state.

The bill will move to the House of Delegates for consideration. To view the full bill click here.