DAVIS, W.Va. – A group of long-time snowsports fanatic set out to preserve the history of events, places, and artifacts of snowsports in the Mountain State.  

On Thursday, those skiing fanatics held the grand opening of the Snow Sports Museum of West Virginia in the courtyard of Milo’s Café. In 1950, members of the Ski Club of Washington D.C. were flying over Canaan Valley and saw huge snowdrifts in the late spring and sought it out creating ski clubs. 

“To me, one of the most important things is that people can look at this and realize that WV is a ski state. And there is quality skiing in the state, you know, a lot of people all over the country don’t even know there are mountains in West Virginia, even though it’s the most mountainous state in the union,” said John Lutz, Snow Sports Museum of West Virginia Board Member.  

Museum officials said that many of the resorts in the area have helped develop and continue to contribute to a thriving tourist industry in the area.   

“Years ago, the 35th anniversary of the Canaan Valley State Park Ski Area, the staff at Canaan Valley asked the community if they had any memorabilia or ski artifacts to bring and show the public,” said Cary Reed, Vice President of the Snow Sports Museum of West Virginia. 

The Snow Sports Museum of West Virginia was founded in 2018. A museum website showcases history of area snow sports creating an archive both online and physically at the museum. 

“So, here we are today, with a strong board of directors, lots of volunteers, but certainly we need more to man the Snow Sports Museum on weekends, and it’s been a pleasure to see the community pull together and make this thing happen,” Reed said. “A lot of the artifacts that we have are really meaningful to the people who brought them in and to us. They all have some significance, and even though we’re the Snow Sports Museum of West Virginia, we like all artifacts related to skiing.” 

Also, officials with the museum added that they are looking for lost and forgotten ski areas in the Mountain State preserving the artifacts and pieces of history associated with those areas.