West Virginia University hosted the launch for the Center for Consumer Law and Education Wednesday night at the WVU College of Law.

A Partnership between WVU College of Law and Marshall University through this newly formed center will help guide consumers in decision making and offer guidance to lawmakers. Gordon Gee, President of WVU states that the Center for Consumer Law and Education is good opportunity to strengthen our economy in the state.  

What we have here is unique, it is a joint effort in fact between the West Virginia University College of Law and Marshall University. There are only a few of these centers in the entire country,” said Jonathan Marshall, Director for the Center for Consumer Law and Education.

The Center for Consumer Law and Education will publish information of consumer rights and remedies for state residents, assist the legal community and organizations that protect consumer rights.  

“This is about making sure that every individual in the state has an opportunity to be wisely and appropriately dealt with in though business and the commercial activities in which they are involved,” said Gordon Gee, President of West Virginia University.

West Virginia University said the center is taking on the challenge to improve the life of West Virginians. Professors and students working for the center will analyze consumer regulation and make policy recommendations to state agencies and the legislature.