MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Many people know that WVU Medicine Children’s is building a new hospital. Still, many don’t recognize that currently, it sees a large number of pediatric patients at Ruby Memorial Hospital.

The reason for such a high volume of patients, according to WVU Medicine Children’s Chief Operating Officer, Amy Bush-Marone, is that the hospital provides an exceptional level of care to everyone who walks through its doors. The specialty care provided for patients is like none other, so oftentimes, when people are seeking care for their children or a mother is expecting, they turn to the hospital.

“They come to us and look to us as that hospital in West Virginia and in the surrounding region where they can get that high subspecialized level of care,” Bush-Marone said.

That high level of care will extend to the new hospital that’s being built and then it will continue to improve as the new building will offer mothers and their children excellent care.


The other thing that I think is very unique about our new WVU Medicine Children’s as many people have heard that we have a brand new birthing center in this new children’s hospital. And we’re one of a few hospitals around the country where mom or expecting moms, or they’re going to deliver their baby, and the baby can both receive care. Whether that’s care that’s planned through the process of normal delivery or should something else occur, where mom or baby needs additional care, surrounding that time of delivery, then mom and baby can both be on the same campus, in the same hospital receiving the care that they need so that they can hopefully heal and be well and go home together.

Amy Bush-Marone – COO, WVU Medicine Children’s

Albert Wright, WVU Medicine’s president and chief executive officer, also said many people don’t realize the level of care currently provided by the children’s hospital and that it will carry on when the new building is built. If they did, he said, they would realize the hospital’s commitment to pediatric care and growing that care to meet patients’ needs.

In fact, he said he has been working on getting the new hospital built since his first week on the job in August 2014. As the summer of 2021 completion date approaches, Wright said, he can’t wait for the public to get a true grasp of how revolutionary and comprehensive it will be for all West Virginians.


That means from primary care, but also here at Children’s, to our highest level of care for neonates that are premature births, high-risk mothers, we have the only open-heart surgery, pediatric heart surgery, pediatric cardiology program in the state, we have the most advanced neurosurgical program in the state, so there’s very few things that as a Children’s Hospital that we won’t be able to do.

Albert Wright – President/CEO WVU Medicine Children’s

Wright said the only reason the hospital and the one being built wouldn’t provide a new program or service is that there aren’t enough kids to make it effective. But once recognition is made of the demand, the hospital will always look for ways to bring that care to patients.

This attention to detail hasn’t gone unnoticed outside of West Virginia and surrounding regions. Wright said there are subspecialists from around the country that will soon be joining the WVU Medicine Children’s team because they acknowledge the work done now and that will be done once the new hospital is complete.

To see this all come to fruition, Wright said, is “very gratifying” on a personal level. But importantly, he said, is realizing the dream of the hospital’s physicians and clinicians who have provided exceptional pediatric care for years and that of thousands of patients treated annually.

“I hope you never need us, but when you do, for your child, we’re going to be there. And I think that’s a big, bold statement by the university, that’s a big bold statement by West Virginia, that’s a big bold statement by the many many supporters and donors that we have to this children’s hospital. It’s going to be a hospital that saves many lives and makes us all exceptionally proud to be part of WVU Medicine.”

WVU Medicine Children’s continues to fundraise to build its new hospital, which is currently under construction. The hospital continues its Grow Children’s campaign, which will help cover the remaining funds necessary to complete the hospital.

“Every single floor of the hospital is being worked on,” Bush-Marone said. “We’re obviously coming into winter, so the construction team is doing all their part to get the building what we call zipped up before mother nature changes on us. I think later this week we’re going to have a turn of warmer weather again, so it is on track for opening the summer of 2021. So we’re less than just about nine months away, on track, on time, can’t wait to move in.”