The West Virginia Botanic Garden held a workshop Saturday for those looking to adopt a low-waste lifestyle. 

That means doing things like cutting down on one-use plastics, such as straws and plastic utensils. 

Zero-waste advocate Shannon Sankey led the workshop, giving tips on how to cut down on the waste that would otherwise fill landfills and bodies of water. 

One tip was to carry silverware with you to work, instead of using plastic forks and knives that are largely made to be used just once. 

“Avoiding single-use plastic is always going to be number one. And we’ll go over sort of the big priorities to refuse plastic whenever possible. It’s not always going to be possible, everyone has unique needs. But we’re going to talk about some of the ways you can easily, and at a low cost, avoid a lot of the plastic that we use and waste,” said Sankey.  

Using steel or glass straws, as well as using re-usable water bottles or jugs are other things you can do to cut down on waste. 

For more information on Sankey’s mission, you can visit her website and click on the “Zero Waste” tab, or by visiting her Instagram page.