Chase Behrndt: the quarterback of the offensive line


“Being able to do your job while bringing others along with you.”

That is how Chase Behrndt told me his team defines leadership.

If you ask any of his WVU teammates or coaches, they likely will tell you that is also how you define Chase Behrndt as a player and a person.

The redshirt senior offensive lineman is one of the most experienced on the roster and also one of the most versatile. Currently, Behrndt is the starting center, but he’s taken game reps, and starts, at guard and tackle during his WVU career.

“To me, that’s what makes me the player I am. I’m not the greatest you will ever see at any of those positions but it’s the fact that I can play all of them at a high level. If I am playing that position, I give it my all and I feel that is definitely something that has made me grow as a person and an athlete. Being versatile is the best thing you can be,” Behrndt said.

For Behrndt, it’s about doing what is best for the team. Center. Tackle. Guard. You tell him where you need him to play to have the best chance at success and No. 76 will be there.

“Every pregame, I’ll take reps at tackle, guard, and center. You just never know when someone could get hurt. A tackle could go down and they could sub me in there,” Behrndt said. “I think it just shows the younger guys that this is what you need to do, you need to know every position.”

Offensive line coach Matt Moore says that knowledge of the game is one of Behrndt’s strengths.

“He’s done such a great job this year bring these guys together. He is the quarterback of the offensive line. He makes sure everyone knows the starting point is,” Moore said. “All that experience helps him, and it helps that he studies hard and understands the game.”

He has the ability to play any of the five positions on the offensive line on any given day. But does he have a favorite spot?

“To be honest, I like playing center the best,” Behrndt said. “I like the leadership role. I like being in charge. It is something I feel like I am molded for personality-wise. You need to be a bold person as a center and you can’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. We joke about it all the time, but they really are the quarterback of the offensive line. It is a role that I have really embraced and come to love.”

His personality has helped him grow into the leader he is on this team. It’s brought him success so far on the gridiron and he hopes it can do the same for his future goals.

“The number one thing I want to try and do is WWE. I think my personality can be really good for that,” he said. “As a kid, D-Generation X was always my favorite with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Growing up, that was the group that I thought ‘oh, I want to be like that’.”

And before every single game, he and fellow offensive lineman Blaine Scott try their best to do just that.

“We do the D-Generation X pose before every game. We are trying to get a picture at every stadium doing it.” Behrndt said.

Pregame cartwheels. WWE poses. A front roll to enter practice. We’ve seen it all from him this season. Behrndt sure does know how to bring the entertainment, but he also knows when to get serious, in football and in life. Which is why he has another backup plan.

“If that doesn’t work out, I really want to get into medical sales. That’s something personality-wise I could be great for. I’ve always loved talking to people. I’d say my personality is the only thing getting me by in life at the moment,” Behrndt laughed.

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